For a list of planning applications affecting the village and links to plans, please click on the link below to the CDC web site:

Planning applications and decisions for Baunton

The Parish Council is invited to comment on all planning applications concerning property in the parish or in close proximity to the parish boundary. The council does not have the power to approve applications - this is dealt with by Cotswold District Council (CDC).

Baunton councillors make their comments about planning applications at a public meeting. A meeting will be called when the Parish Clerk receives notice from CDC of a planning application affecting the parish. As much notice as possible about the Baunton public meeting will be given on the parish notice boards. However, as timescales are often tight, a meeting may be called at the minimum of three days’ notice.

Whenever possible, the applicant will be notified directly of the date of the meeting relating to their application. Members of the public will be welcome to attend. Meetings will be held in the Parish Church unless shown otherwise.